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May 21, 2021

How to Tell When Your Child Athlete Needs to Visit Urgent Care

Athletes, including youthful student-athletes, suffer injuries all the time. With so many scrapes and bruises, how can you tell whether or not your child’s sports injuries are worthy of a trip to Urgent Care? Here are some of the most common types of sports injuries and their symptoms.


sports injuries Acute injuries are typified as minor injuries -- they aren’t life-threatening, but your child may need to take some time to recover. This ranges anywhere from bruises to fractures. A contusion may result in swelling, but there’s nothing an urgent care can do for the sports injury but prescribe ibuprofen and an ice pack. If your child is unable to walk because of their sports injuries, it is always better to be safe than sorry and bring them to a walk-in clinic. In fact, 80% of urgent healthcare clinics provide care for fractures. The doctor will be able to diagnose the issue and prescribe medication, put on a cast, or supply stitches or a splint to help the injury heal.


If your child has been playing a sport for a long time, they may damage the part of their body that is used most often. Rotator cuff tears are a common sports injury in tennis, while runners can tear their meniscus. This repetitive overuse strains the muscles and joints and can even cause the wearing of bones, leading to fractures, especially in the feet and shins. Always make sure your child has a period of rest after practicing a sport and try not to let them play too many sports at once. Visit an urgent care facility to find out the cause of the problem and get advice on how to prevent sports injuries in the future.


Concussions are classified as a traumatic brain injury, regardless of how mild or severe they are. They can be caused when your child is hit with blunt force, such as with a soccer ball or baseball bat. They can also be caused by a hard fall on the ground or if your child gets knocked against a wall in a game. If your child seems dizzy or dazed after a sudden blow to the head, take them to your nearest urgent care center. If your child loses consciousness, they must go to the ER to stop any brain damage. After a concussion event, it is important that your child does not hit their head or return to their sport for the recommended amount of time suggested by your doctor.

Consider these factors before taking your student-athlete to a family health practice or urgent healthcare office.

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