Pediatric Services

Our walk-in urgent care also offers care to pediatric patients. We treat a wide variety of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. If someone in your family is suffering from ear infections, rashes, coughs and colds, impetigo, or any other non-life-threatening injury, walk in to our clinic and be seen today.

Treatment For Impetigo In Houston, TX

Impetigo, also known as infantigo or school sores, primarily affects children ages two through five. Because this bacterial skin infection is highly contagious, it can quickly spread through school classrooms, carpools, and day care centers. The tell-tale signs of this skin infection are red sores around the mouth, lips, and nose, which eventually form a distinctive yellow-brown crust.

Like all rashes, infantigo can be distressing to parents. Fortunately, this skin condition is treatable. Visit our pediatric walk-in clinic or make an appointment online if you believe someone in your family is suffering from infantigo.

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Coughs And Colds

While flu and cold season usually strikes in fall and winter, coughs and colds circulate all year long. While most coughs and colds will clear up on their own without medical treatment, these illnesses do sometimes require medical attention. If a cough or cold is negatively affecting your life, has not responded to over-the-counter treatment, or is making it difficult to go to work or school, a quick visit to urgent care may be the solution.

Ear Infections

At any age, ear infections are a pain. And while almost every child will suffer from an ear infection at some point, some are susceptible to these painful infections their entire lives. Not only can these illnesses be extremely painful, they might not always resolve on their own. Symptoms of serious ear infections, or swimmer’s ear, include severe pain, fever, hearing loss, and throbbing. Do not hesitate to contact our walk-in urgent care clinic for assistance at the first sign of ear infections.

If and when rashes, severe colds, ear infections, or other common problems affect someone in your household, there are alternatives to emergency rooms or primary care physicians. Our urgent care offers medical care to people of all ages in a clean and friendly environment. Call to make an appointment or walk in.

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