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June 1, 2023

Pediatric Treatments Offered by Urgent Care

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Urgent care is becoming one of the most popular health care choices due to its convenience and wide range of treatment options. They offer flexible walk-in hours for a variety of issues from the common cold to a broken bone. It's also become a very popular choice for parents because it allows them to take their children in for care on their complicated schedule.

If you are a parent with a child who needs medical care, you may be able to take them to a local urgent care center. They offer treatment for multiple minor injuries and sicknesses. Below is a list of some of the pediatric treatments offered by urgent healthcare centers.

1. Colds and Flues

Children come down with colds and flues all the time. Daycares and schools are often filled with contagious germs, and it can be hard to keep your little ones well. Luckily, urgent healthcare is available whenever your child needs it. Doctors can diagnose your child and prescribe them any soothing medications they need until they get better.

2. Sprains and Breaks

Urgent healthcare facilities also offer help with sprains and broken bones. Children often play hard and sometimes get into things that they shouldn't. This can lead to painful injuries that may require specialized treatment. You can get access to medicine, splints, and partial casting. You can also find out quickly if further treatment will be needed.

3. Check-Ups

Check-ups are usually needed for school and sometimes for sports. Rather than scheduling an appointment for this and waiting days or even weeks, you can take your child to an urgent healthcare facility. They will perform the check-up and provide you with the paperwork you need for their school.

4. Infections

Urgent care can also help with infections. Five out of every six children will have an ear infection before the age of four, with 40% having three or more by the same age. Urgent care can provide your child with the antibiotics or ear drops they need to do away with infections. This includes bacterial infections such as strep.

There isn't much that urgent care centers can't do for your child. Unless the problem is life-threatening or a serious emergency, they are equipped to help. They can even perform certain lab tests to help get a diagnosis. The next time your child needs medical care, consider visiting an urgent care center near you.

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