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May 3, 2023

How to Keep Your Kids Safe from the Flu

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With fall and winter approaching, parents and children alike are gearing up for an all-out battle with the flu. Unfortunately, when it comes to the flu, children are more prone to getting the virus than teenagers and adults. A child gets between six and 10 colds every year on average, so you can imagine their susceptibility to a strong virus like the flu.

What’s more, children can easily spread the flu amongst themselves through the air, contaminated surfaces, and bodily contact, such as holding hands when playing.

No parent would welcome the thought of their child catching the flu. But between the flurry of activities your kid has and your busy schedule, it can be pretty difficult to always keep track of your children.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways to help protect your children from catching the flu.

Exercise with your kids

Injuries are very common during children's play, but this shouldn’t discourage you from promoting outdoor activity. A little activity is said to boost a kid's immune system significantly, which in turn helps their body fight off the flu.

Keep in mind, however, that if you’re willing to let your kid engage in winter sports you need to keep them warm and take care of any minor injuries as soon as they occur. This can be done by taking them to a walk in clinic that caters to childrens injuries.

Keep them away from sick people

It’s best to keep your kids away from any crowded places during the flu season. While the classroom and playground are unavoidable, you should keep them away from places like movie theaters, carnivals, and malls.

If members of the family have unfortunately caught the flu, ask them to keep their distance and ask your children to do the same too. It can be hard for some family members to do so, but it's for the best.

Teach them to always wash their hands

Common illnesses like the flu and cold can be avoided by simply washing your hands regularly. It is, therefore, important to encourage hand hygiene at an early age. Have your kids wash their hands before eating, whenever their hands get dirty, and after a bathroom visit.

Teach them how to clean their hands properly with emphasis on soaping and scrubbing; just rinsing is not enough. In doing so, your kids will not only catch onto a great habit but will also keep germs and the flu virus at bay.

Avoid being a carrier

Seasonal illnesses are hard to avoid, especially the cold and flu. However, you should do your best to avoid the flu at all costs for the sake of your kids. You can do so by keeping warm at all times, avoiding contact with flu carriers, and always washing or sanitizing your hands.

If you happen to catch the flu, keep a safe distance from your kids. Let another person tend to their needs for this brief period of recovery. Normal activities, like cuddling or cleaning childrens injuries, should be designated to a trusted family member.

The flu shot

It’s a no brainer that kids hate shots. However, a flu shot is the only guaranteed method to protect your kid from contracting the flu virus. If your kid is completely fit and healthy, the shot will be 90% effective in protecting against the flu.

For kids under the age of nine, the doctor should administer a second shot after a month for the vaccine to work properly. Since kids under six months can’t receive the shot, its advisable for the parents to get the shot just in case they get the flu so it doesn’t spread to your baby.

All in all, it takes a lot of discipline and effort to protect your kids from such an easily transmitted sickness. These five tips will, however, help in protecting your child from the flu during fall and winter.

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