DOT Exams: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Dot Exam?

In the transportation industry, state and federal regulations monitor the health of professional drivers. In order to hold a commercial driver license (CDL), drivers must pass a physical examination to prove they can safely operate commercial vehicles. Officially, these physicals are called Department of Transportation Medical Examinations, but often, drivers and doctors shorten the term to “DOT exams” or “DOT physicals.”

What Do Dot Exams Entail?

The medical criteria drivers must meet vary from state to state. The tests are designed to monitor the physical, mental, and emotional well being of a driver to ensure that he or she is fit to spend long hours on the road. Here are just a few health examinations that might be included in DOT exams to evaluate driver suitability:

  • Vision test
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Pulse rate screening
  • Hearing test
  • Blood sugar test
  • Stress test for those with cardiovascular conditions
  • Schedule 1 drug test

In order to pass most of these tests, drivers are permitted to use assistive devices or medications. Eyeglasses or contacts should be worn if the driver needs them to pass the vision test, and drivers may manage their blood pressure with prescription medications. However, individuals who manage diabetes with insulin injections may not hold a CDL.

How Often Do Drivers Need To Schedule Dot Exams?

After passing the test, drivers do not need another DOT exam for 24 months. Only a certified medical examiner can perform the physical, so be sure to find a clinic with the necessary professionals to schedule your exam. Some convenient care centers may even offer walk-in appointments, but if you’re overdue for a DOT exam, you can also schedule an appointment to get back on the road.

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