Flu Season

Convenient Urgent Care is a walk-in family healthcare clinic offering patients access to medical care seven days a week. Whenever you or someone in your household is struck low by the flu or any other non-life threatening emergency, the board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants at our Houston urgent care clinic will be happy to get you back on your feet. Even better, we can offer flu shots to help stop Influenza and flu season in its tracks.

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Influenza & Flu Symptoms

The flu is a highly contagious seasonal viral infection that can result in severe fevers that last up to five to seven days. An unfortunately common respiratory infection, influenza targets your respiratory tract to spread through your body. There are several different strains of the Influenza virus, which change from flu season to flu season.

Flu symptoms are similar to the common cold, but are much more severe. Expect to experience coughing, headaches, body aches, lethargy, weakness, hot and cold flashes, and high fever lasting several days. These symptoms can come on quite rapidly. In rare cases, the flu can cause pneumonia, a life threatening respiratory condition. Although the flu is rarely life threatening, it can be especially dangerous for young children and seniors. As such, a severe case of the flu may require medical attention.


When Is Flu Season?

Flu season occurs in winter and early spring. Be aware that between December and March you are at high risk of contracting Influenza. Flu season peaks in February, so take action and get vaccinated sooner than later. The only way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated and taking care to wash your hands often during the fall and winter months.

Flu Shots

Every year you need to get vaccinated if you want to avoid catching the flu. Our urgent care clinic in Houston, TX can give you a flu shot to prepare and protect you from the influenza virus. The vaccine becomes effective two weeks following administration, so be sure to stop by for a shot as soon as possible. Certain healthcare workers and educators may be required to get vaccinated, but it’s a good idea for anyone.

For your health, it is better to do this early on in the season. Remember: It isn’t possible to contract influenza due to a vaccine, so you don’t need to worry about getting your flu shot.

Faqs About Flu Season

How do vaccines work?

When you get sick, your body produces antibodies to protect against the same illness in the future. A vaccine tricks your body into producing the antibodies for influenza without ever getting sick in the first place. This means that if you come in contact with the flu, your body will already have the proper antibodies in place that prevent you from getting sick.

Stop in at our urgent care clinic, we accept walk-in patients seven days a week. Convenient Urgent Care offers flu shots and medical care to residents of Acres Home, Spring Valley Village, Houston, and the surrounding areas.

What do I do if I get sick?

For most flu cases, you should be fine to stay at home and ride it out. Not only will this give your body time to recover and naturally fight off the infection, but it will also avoid spreading this illness to others. However, if you’re experiencing extreme instances of fever, seek medical attention.

Our Houston Urgent Care Center can provide you with fast access to flu shots this season. Going to the ER can be quite the costly endeavour, so consider urgent care instead.

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