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January 7, 2019

3 FAQs About The Flu You Should Know

urgent care for childrenThe flu is common, but it's also one of the most devastating illnesses to strike our community each year. This is particularly true if you are young, old, or have a weakened immune system.

Despite the commonality of the flu, there are still many questions you may have regarding the illness. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the flu you should consider before you catch it.

How long is the flu season?

There isn't a set number of days when the flu occurs, but it is more of an issue in the winter when people are more likely to stay inside. When we interact in close quarters with other people, we're more likely to spread infections and illnesses between one other, typifying the flu as a winter illness. In general, you can expect flu season to be at its worst from December through the most frigid days in March. However, don't be surprised if you visit an urgent care center in the summer and get diagnosed with the flu.

When am I contagious?

People who contract the flu virus are most contagious in the first three to four days following the contraction of the illness. Keep in mind that it can take between one and four days for flu symptoms to appear in the first place, so you're still contagious even if you don't exhibit symptoms right away. If you suspect you've given the flu to your children, be sure to visit an urgent care for children promptly for diagnosis.

How can I stop from spreading the flu to my family?

You can stop spreading the flu just like you would any other sickness. This includes disposing of your waste products, including tissues and food wrappers, properly. If you can, try to confine yourself to one area of your home so other people don't come into contact with your germs.

Stop spreading your sickness by avoiding physical contact with your loved ones and your coworkers. It might seem difficult to stay home from work when you're feeling ill, but it's the only way to ascertain your coworkers remain healthy. It's better to miss one employee for a few days than subject a whole department for the sake of one day of work.

What should I do if I have the flu?

If you or another member of your family contracts the flu virus, visit your nearest walk in clinics for an accurate diagnosis. Oftentimes, what you think may be a flu virus is actually a prolonged seasonal illness or another type of common illness. Regardless, you should visit a family urgent care for children and adults when you exhibit flu symptoms.

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